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 RSL Sports Events – Helping To Connect Small Businesses With Communities…

Our events are designed to connect Small to Mid-size businesses with the communities here in Phoenix like never before. We offer a number of great fun and exciting events that the whole family can enjoy. We have some unique sports events to help businesses with branding.

Our Flagship Event, The Sports Skills Challenge – will consists of golf, putting and basketball skills challenges to win money and other prizes. We will use a revolutionary off the course “Golf Ball” called “Birdie Ball” that has won numerous awards and has generated tremendous attention in the golfing world by being voted new product of the year by the PGA. It is a limited flight Golf Ball that looks like a napkin ring and will only fly 40 yards with a full swing, and boy is it fun to play with. The remarkable thing though, is that it feels like a Golf Ball coming off of your club head and it reacts like a Golf Ball in flight which makes it a perfect for honing your swing and taking your game to the next level.

Birdie Ball Sporting EventsYou can hook, slice, draw and fade; giving you instant feedback as a newbie or experienced golfer. The Birdie-Balls are truly revolutionary, and the winner of the prestigious “Best New Product” at the PGA merchandise show in 2005 when it was introduced to the pros.

The Club head striking feedback is so realistic that you will know when you have made a good contact with the Birdie-Ball by hearing the uncanny “turbine” sound that is produced after a good strike. It is an extremely gratifying sound that is very much like that you sense when contacting a standard golf ball perfectly with your club head. For beginners and golfing pros alike, you will truly be amazed how much fun you will have at our events because of the many different Birdie-Ball challenges we have available!

Even though the Birdie-Balls looks like a napkin ring, it is still possible for it to work like a golf ball. Why, because it’s all about the physics! You see, when you hit a golf ball it has reverse spin on an axis, and if that axis is horizontal, the ball goes straight. Tilt the axis right or left and the ball will slice or hook. The Birdie-Ball spins exactly like a golf ball, so it slices and hooks just like a golf ball would, but only for a very limited flight possibility.

For a right handed golfer, when a golf ball fades (goes slightly right during its flight) or slices (goes far right during its flight) its axis is tilted from left to right. When it draws (goes slightly left during its flight) or hooks (goes far left during its flight), its axis is tilted from right to left.  The Birdie-Ball has been engineered to mimic that same flight path making it one of the most fun thing to hit with a Golf Club.  Giving the golfer instant and rewarding feedback and making it possible to play and practice in an areas the size of your backyard.

Because of the Birdie-Ball’s non-aerodynamic design, it begins to stop the second it leaves your club head. The non-dimpled surface, as well as, the straight sides resist flight.  This causes the ball to feel like a golf ball when you hit it, and allows the Birdie-Ball to hang in the air as long as a real golf ball that is traveling five times distance.

It’s an amazing thing to experience.

Bringing Communities Together Through The Power Of Sports

RSL Sports

Regardless of what type of Sport/s you’re involved with it can validate your competitive nature.  Some would argue that the competitive urges in us are natural and maybe even primal behaviors. You could even say that it is God-given.